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Our line of original handmade Celtic jewelry is not reproductions of our ancestors' work, but rather our own designs celebrating their art. Our Master Goldsmith, Robert Piland, draws his inspiration from the Celtic knotwork and forms of Scottish and Irish artifacts as well as stones, pottery and metalwork found at other Celtic sites in western Europe.

For re-enactors and traditionalists, we offer a line of limited edition celtic jewelry in 14kt gold and sterling silver; including triskeles, cloak pins, kilt pins, and penannulars (Tara brooches) which can be viewed in our online Celtic jewelry catalog. Our popular Celtic wedding bands are also there, displayed in their own category. For collectors, the One of a Kind category is our showcase for Rob's one-of-a-kind designs as well as featuring stock designs with unique stones which may never be available again. Looking back to his early training, Rob is introducing a line of Victorian/Steampunk jewelry in the Celtic Revival style of the Victorian era.

Our handmade jewelry is made in our small production studio in Northern Virginia. Not only is our jewelry made by us in the USA, but our necklace chains are made by an American manufacturer, our earring wires, posts and backs are made by American companies, and our anti-tarnish gift pouches are made in the USA. We are quite proud of our craftsmanship and invite you to review our policies and guarantees. If you still have questions, follow the contact link below for our address, telephone, and a convenient email link.

Please visit our Celtic Jewelry Catalog.

Celtic Jewelry, Handmade Celtic Jewelry, Celtic Rings, Celtic Earrings
Celtic Triskele, Sterling Celtic Jewelry, Handmade Trinity Knot Pendant, Irish Trinity Steampunk Necklace, Victorian Revival Jewelry, Neovictorian Pendant, Celtic Jewelry Scottish Stag Pendant, White Hart, Scottish Red Deer

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Handmade Celtic Jewelry, Celtic Earrings, Celtic Rings, Celtic Brooches

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