Victorian Luckenboothe Pendant, sterling & gold

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Rose gold, sterling, Moonstone

Rob is reviving the Victorian Luckenboothe Pendant to give it a mixed metal makeover! The original pendant was sold from 2009 to 2011.

The earliest known examples of the luckenboothe design date back to 1503 and were traditionally sold from the stalls and shops of the jewellery and trinket merchants. Traditionally used as a token of love, luckenboothes were often passed down from mother to daughter or given to a partner as a token of love in much the same way as wedding and engagement rings are given today.

We have 3 of these pendants ready to ship, the available metals and stones are pictured and listed in the drop down menu.

Depending on interest, we may be offering this with our normal mixed metal choices (yellow or rose with a larger variety of gemstones) soon.