Targe Knot Earrings, sterling

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Product Description

Special note- because of the weight and size of these earrings, we are only offering them on our normal wire french hooks or titanium hooks. If you prefer a non-pierced option, please contact us by email before placing your order to inquire about options.

Years ago Rob made a Targe Knot Ring that featured the round frame with identical knots in each quadrant. When he revived the knot for a pendant & earring set recently, we decided also bring back the name Targe (pronounced tarj), which is the Scots-Gaelic word for shield.


The Targe Knot Earrings have a bead and graceful elongated S-curve that come up and meet at the top, making a triangular shape above the circular framed shield knot.


The Targe Knot Earrings measure 1 1/4 inches long and just under 1 inch wide.


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