Lion Neck Torc, sterling

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We have one Lion Neck Torc available. It is solid sterling silver and heavy. It would best fit a neck that measures approximately 16 to 17 inches. If your neck measurement is slightly above or below this range it could be worn but will be looser or tighter fitting than may be comfortable. Some slight adjustment can be done to open or close the gap with gentle pressure- do not apply much pressure! If you have any concerns about fit, we will arrange for you to talk with Rob either by phone, video chat or in person.

The Lion Neck Torc has two 4mm solid silver wires twisted together to form the shank for an overall width of just over 1/4". The finials are stylized lions that each measure 7/8" x 3/4".

If you are interested in ordering a Lion Neck Torc in a different size, please email us.