Áine Gem Bracelet, sterling

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Áine is an Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. The Áine Gem Bracelet features an almond shape frame with a 6mm gemstone at the center, flanked by a trinity knot on each side and trefoil on each end. Each link measures about 1 1/2” by 3/8”. The standard length is a 4 link bracelet which measures about 6 3/4”. Each link and ring added or removed would adjust the length up or down about 1 3/4”. So a 5 link would be about 8 1/2”. Please look at our suggested sizing chart below. In addition to choosing the number of links you want, please give us your overall wrist measurement (in the required field above) so we can make adjustments or contact you if we have concerns. If your wrist measurement is on the higher end of the recommended sizing, Rob can add small rings to get the perfect fit. You are also welcome to contact us before placing your order to get assistance.

4 link= 6 3/4” recommended for wrists measuring 6 1/4 up to 8

5 link= 8 1/2” recommended for wrists measuring 8 to 9 3/4