25.71ct Aquamarine Pendant, sterling & rose gold

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This beautiful Aquamarine showcases perfectly that inclusions in gems are not always a bad thing! There are very few colored gemstones that are internally completely "clean". Gemologists use the term inclusion to refer to foreign matter or irregularities in the crystal lattice of a gemstone. It is worth noting that gemology uses the term inclusion rather than "defect" or "flaw" to refer to these phenomena. This is because they are often not flaws at all! Sometimes they actually contribute to the beauty or value of the gem. Rob selects each stone for the unique and beautiful qualities he finds inspiring.

This pendant is sterling and 14kt rose gold, featuring gold dragons facing outward above a silver bezel holding a 25.71ct (22x16mm) rectangle Aquamarine cabochon, accented below with gold scroll and bead detail. A silver jump ring connects to an 18" silver chain. The pendant measures 1 5/8" x 5/8".